According to microbiologist Marie-Claire Arrieta (co-author) of the book 'Let them eat dirt' , this is now leading us down a path to increased chronic conditions from Obesity to Auto-immune conditions.  

What should you be considering when it comes to microbes?

- Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom

- Always be extra vigilent when a family member has a cold or flu - wipe surfaces, keep person contained etc.

- Reduce the excessive cleaning of surfaces - if the kids spilt some milk or a few crumbs - a cloth or brush are all that is needed

- Allow a small amount of bacteria into a child's diet - give your fruit and veggies a good scrub with a brush and cook them or offer raw (unpeeled) for all the little bits of microbes that are left.  You will also be increasing the fibre content of their food as well.

- Expose them to animals (wash the animal first if excessively dirty!)

- Allow them small amounts of time to play outside, in the dirt and let them enjoy building mudcakes and moving mountains.

- Reduce the number of anti-bacterial products you use - if you have ever read the ingredient list on many of these products they are just as likely to cause other health concerns with excess exposure due to their chemical content.

Mostly, whenever we become excessive about something there is always a side effect long term, so look after yourself, your shopping bill and everyone's long term health by applying simple rules such as above.

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