A look at your health, your lifestyle, medicine review, your external health (skin, eyes, tongue, nails), the food you eat, the air you breathe and the life you live. I use Live Blood Analysis to monitor what is going on inside of the body. This involves a small pin prick sized sample and then we review the results on screen. CONSULTATION FEES In Clinic or Skype available - Initial Consult - 90 mins - A$120 - Follow-up - A$60 per 30 min


Our bodies are directly impacted by what we eat. Let me tweak your diet to improve your energy, clear your skin or just to sleep better. Often it is the quantity of what we eat and how we prepare it, that when changed can make a huge difference. Let me customise a plan for you today. CONSULTATION FEES Refer Naturopathy

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to take away tension, soothe stressed muscles, and repair after injury. Need some relaxation in your life, massage is a great choice here as well. Therapy or relaxation - you choose! CONSULTATION FEES Remedial, Lymphatic, Swedish, Relaxing - 90 Minute Massage - $105 - 60 minute Massage - $70 Callouts available - ask for pricing!