Angela Szpojda -
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist (Adv. Diploma. Nat, Adv. Diploma Nut, Diploma Rem. Massage)

I have several years experience helping people discover unique health solutions through food, herbal medicines and nutritional products.

Tweaking food choices can transform lives with minimal cost, but often specific vitamin/mineral outages can be dramatically reduced by supplementing.  

I use nutritional products that are close to nature as possible with minimal or no excipients to get you on track faster.

Herbal medicines are part of my prescription suggestions for many people as they nurture and support the body through times of change and illness. I use lots of beautiful handcrafted herbal medicines and often I can offer no-alcohol or organic herbals if needed.  Teas, hand made balms and lotions can also be handcrafted to suit your particular concern.

Making lifestyle changes rounds out my suggestion list - this can be life-changing in itself and is often something we can't see for ourselves.